ClearCut – The Wages of Dominion

The Overture Center and the Memorial Union Student Art Committee (WUD) are joining forces to host ClearCut – The Wages of Dominion. This exhibition is a direct outgrowth of Entering Old Growth – Meditations From the Ancient Rain Forest of the Pacific Northwest, which was mounted in Tamarack Gallery three years ago.

Printed entirely in black and white – befitting the subject – I feel ClearCut is an apt metaphor for the human condition in which we find ourselves today. Certainly our politics, our economics, all our resource extraction practices, and beyond. A few sample images from ClearCut attached. For contrast, and to lighten the subject a bit with a ray of hope we will be scattering full color images from the Old Growth show among the B&W imagery.

Here are the dates:

The Overture Center show will open March 10th in the Main Floor Gallery, with an artist’s reception Friday Evening May 1st from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Then in conjunction with the Nelson Institute’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, join UW scholar Monika Shea and myself as we present a public discussion on ClearCutting practices across the country, and more broadly how our attitudes of dominion have contributed to our planetary climate crisis. This will take place Thursday April 2nd at 6:30 in the Wisconsin Studio of the Overture Center. All are welcome.

The Memorial Union show will open in the Main Gallery (2nd floor) Friday April 17th, with an artist’s reception that evening from 6-8 PM. In conjunction with that exhibition, we will be holding a “spoken word event” in the gallery, starting at 6:30 on Wednesday April 22nd, at which students, faculty, and artists will read works relating to climate crisis. I will also be reading an excerpt from my essay/prose poem/rant/sermon that accompanies the ClearCut exhibition. Again, all are welcome.

In total, the exhibition consists of some 60 images, 2/3 of which will hang in the Union Gallery, and 1/3 at the OC. For the full picture you must see both. Make a day of it, and invite me along for commentary if you wish. I’ll be in Madison all of April, and can think of no better thing to do with my time than hang out with you.

Both shows will come down at the end of May. Thereafter, we have submitted a grant proposal to the Baldwin WI Idea Endowment to take the exhibition around Wisconsin for two years in conjunction with Arts Wisconsin and its member galleries and museums. If funded, this will afford us an opportunity to broaden the climate change discussion, along with its associated scientific programming supplied by The Nelson Institute to an outstate audience. We will develop a website dedicated to ClearCut and its subject matter, and will also have a book/catalogue for sale with the entire show and both essays.

ClearCut – The Wages of Dominion – Part 2

Guided Meditations to Accompany ClearCut

Recording of the photographer reading the condensed version:


Recording of the photographer reading an even more condensed version, with slideshow: Click to watch and listen.

The long, original version
The condensed version
The further condense version
Reader’s Digest version


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