Welcome to Tamarack Studio & Gallery, dedicated to the exploration of our connection to the visual world – and beyond – through photography.

Tamarack is a place for artists with a strong personal vision who have found a way to express that vision photographically. We have no limits with regard to which genre of photography one chooses for that expression. We only care that that expression be true, kind, disciplined, and necessary.

Everything has been photographed, many times. Just as everything has been seen. Originality in photography is dependent on strength and depth of connection, on how we see, how we convey meaning – not how edgy we can be. What counts is connection, connection between subject/object, connection with self, connection with the viewer. Meaning is derived through connection, not technology. At Tamarack, a high level of technical expertise and discipline is presumed, but important only insofar as it serves the higher purpose of establishing and deepening connection.

Story is also important. To tell a story is to reveal one’s self. To tell a story well requires experience and technical fluency. To tell a true story requires coherency and clarity of mind. To tell an important story requires vision. To tell a necessary story well requires commitment and long-term dedication to the art. In photography, it requires a coherent set of imagery that adds up to meaning through connection.

Our contention is that one need not go to the coasts to practice (or find) good photography, that much of the very best work today is happening in an intense atmosphere of vibrant exploration and honest searching right here in the Midwest. Our mission at Tamarack is to bring into focus the very finest of what is happening in the world of fine art photography, not only in Madison and the Midwest, but wherever we find it around the world.

If you are a photographic artist wishing to participate in the life of Tamarack and have a story to tell, send us an email and tell us a little about yourself and your work. We prefer to view work on printed paper as it will hang on the wall, rather than online. Exceptions are made of course when necessary.


Tamarack Gallery Tour


Tuesday thru Friday 5-9pm

Saturday 2-9pm

Sunday 5-9pm

and by appointment.


Tamarack Gallery Map


Within walking distance of the Capital.
Plenty of free on and off street parking.
849 E. Washington Ave, Suite 102, Madison WI, 53703

We are also open to other ideas for creative uses of the space. To date we have hosted concerts, workshops, numerous fundraising events for local progressive candidates for office, private parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, lecture and educational programs. Our space is even used by a local group for monthly weekend Yoga teacher training workshops. The space is intimate, open, flexible, and your event will be enhanced by being set in a context of compelling art, whatever might be on the walls at the time.

We have a small well-lit stage for speaking or performing, next to it a beautiful baby grand Baldwin piano, and a state-of-the-art PA system. We can seat (comfortably) up to fifty for a luncheon or dinner, or clear the decks for dancing for a hundred. Yet a small group of 10-20 feels equally comfortable and fills the space quite nicely. Parking is abundant and free, and we are located in the very heart of the happening near east Isthmus, which is exploding with new ideas and development.