Previous Exhibitions

602 in the Sixties – Hotbed of Cultural Evolution

Entering Old Growth – John Riggs

Peripheral Visions – Multiple Artists

The Chambered Nautilus – Rick Langer

Tracks in the Sand – Brent Nicastro

Dialogue – Meditations on Aging – Michael Goldblatt

The New Global Women – Lawrence D’Attilio

Roots Ethiopia: A Story of Hope – Lauren Werner

Connections – Women of CPM

Hard Ecology  Eddee Daniel

Letting Go  John Riggs

The Soul of Vietnam  Larry D’Attilio

Inside, at Night  Origins of an Uprising – Group Show

Love of Life  Images from the LIFE Picture Collection

Goose Lake – Wintering Over  John Riggs

Landscapes and Mindscapes  StarLight Tews & John Riggs

Succession – Overlooks and Perspectives  John Riggs